Remove Mark Waid from the Baltimore Comic-Con

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Remove Mark Waid from the Baltimore Comic-Con

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Mark Waid, a comic book writer, recently posted someone’s personal information online in an attempt to engage in targeted harassment. He posted the name of a YouTuber called Diversity and Comics on a Facebook page. He mentioned that Diversity and Comics would attend the Baltimore Comic-Con. Waid encouraged people to “find him” at the convention in order for him to deal with Diversity and Comics.

Mark Waid’s behavior clearly violates BCC's zero tolerance harassment policy, specifically the intimidation portion.

Waid is among several other professional comic book creators who have targeted Diversity and Comics by doxxing him. Other professionals have encouraged targeted harassment and even threats of violence against him.

This is solely due to Diversity and Comics creating videos critiquing creators' work and their online behavior.  

The intention of Waid's comments and those like them are to intimidate YouTubers like Diversity and Comics into silence by using threats of harassment and potential violence.

This cannot and should not be allowed. Criticism is key to any art form, and using threats to stop criticism runs against the very principle of creative work. It also a criminal offense. You cannot harass or threaten someone simply because they do not like your or your friends' work.

We ask that the Baltimore Comic-Con remove Mark Waid from any panels and bar him from attending the convention.

Thank you.  

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