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Restore and activate Ballarat Civic Hall and surrounds - say no to wasteful demolition

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Ballarat Civic Hall belongs to the community. The community overwhelmingly (Morgan Research 72%) has said it wants to retain and refurbish the Civic Hall and site for community use.

This petition calls on our Ballarat City Councillors to heed the majority view of their constituents and revitalise the CBD with a refurbished Civic Hall and vibrant surrounding site.

The building itself is structurally sound and it has been suggested will last for centuries to come. The Civic Hall was never a white elephant, nor is it broken beyond repair.

At the millennium, the community was priced out of using the Hall. The rates for hiring the hall were increased and became too expensive for community groups. The state of the Civic Hall is due to ‘shameful neglect’ by successive councils.

The Ballarat Civic Hall Reuse/Redevelopment Preliminary Business Case/Feasibility Study with its extensive research details a number of outcomes and maintains that this building is a viable business proposition for our community.

The Council has budgeted funds for restoration and refurbishing the Civic Hall which provides an opportunity to generate revenue and recoup costs. In contrast, demolition and development will cost many millions more on design, development, building & site preparation costs.

Council's current plans have little detail, no business case, no prospect for generating revenue, no indoor venue and will certainly take 9-12 months for a VCAT process that will cost between $250,000-$500,000. Why put community money in the hands of lawyers, when the matter will be overturned due to precedents such as the recent Horsham Town Hall decision?

The issue is not about economic rationalism, nor anti-development. It is about ensuring we have adequate facilities for the community into the long-term future.

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