Stop the inhumane torture of horses in Bali and on the Gili Islands.

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Having just returned from an amazing trip around Asia I am left reflecting on lots of things. Whilst we saw so many amazing, beautiful things we also saw many tragic things that made me so sad. 

Whilst travelling around Bali in particular we saw so many horses used for transport. The horses had carts attached to them and were expected to carry 4+ people at a time, often with many heavy suitcases. They were expected to do this in the blistering heat for many hours on end without a break. It broke my heart to see these horses in pain. In kuta, we saw horses mainly used as transport for tourists, being used an attraction. But on the Gili Islands it was a different story. As there are no motor vehicles on the Gili Islands horses are used not only for transport but for carting around goods for the island. We saw one horse with a full cart of huge rocks and it just couldn't cope. We also witnessed horses salivating with no water or shelter, waiting for their next job. For these horses there is no weekend or lunch break, they continuously work in the heat. They get whipped to carry on working through their exhaustion. The island can be seen as paradise but unfortunately the smell of the horses as they are not treated correctly takes away from the tranquil scenes.

Many locals argue that it is tradition to use horses for work in the Gili Islands but as we know many 'traditions' cannot be justified purely on how long they've been in place. Many traditions are wrong and plain abuse and are needed to be broken. You can walk around the Gili Islands within an hour so these horses are not needed for transport! And there are alternatives to carting goods around that we could use that do not involve the abuse of animals.

Of course there are so many petitions I could start on animal cruelty as there are so many animals suffering within the world but this is something that touched me personally and I wanted to at least attempt to alert people of it and hopefully be able to do something about it.

So, with all that being said i would be so grateful if you could sign my petition and share this around as much as you can! To help get notice for the abuse of these horses and put an end to it. Of course it's always good to suggest an alternative and many people have spoken in the past of brining solar powered tuk tuks to the Gili Islands to prevent horses being used and still keeping motorvehicles off the island. And for the rest of bali, taxis and tuk tuks are widely available and therefore the use of horses is cruel and NOT NEEDED.

Of course the ultimate outcome would be for the horses to be able to live freely without having to work like this, but I fear this is highly unlikely. So instead I propose that a law is put into place (atleast) so all horses can only work for a certain amount of time a day with sufficient shelter, food, water and rest- with carts that are too heavy being declined from riding the horse. 

Please find some more detailed articles below to read.

Thanks so much for reading this and please share! A x