Bali, Release the caged the animals to the nature or provide much natural environment.

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I've sent an email to Bali Tourism Board but no update yet.
If you can call #BaliFantasiBenoaBay for releasing those animals, highly appreciated ! The poor animals are locked up & chained. They can't but we can do ! #BaliFantasiBenoaBay +62 813-5393-6833
Thank you !


In Bali Fantasi Benoa Bay, which is known as Turtle island, there are a few animals caged in less than 1 meter cage and two monkeys chained with 1 meter harnesses. As linked Photos and Videos, the caged animals frantically moving side way. It is nor a fun but a torture seeing those poor animals. It is not Sightseeing but Animal Abuse. Bali Fantasi Benoa Bay, please release those poor animals to their natural habitat or provide more natural environment for the animals. Hope those poor animals get their freedom which they deserve as we do. Thank you.