Keep classes small at mountaintop!

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As a community we need to be concerned about the education of our children.  Recently classes at Mountaintop Area Elementary School have been consolidated because there has been a slight reduction in numbers. The school district has chosen to combine classes so that a teacher will have 22-24 students rather than 11-12 students.  I understand “data” has shown that class size numbers doesn’t change the quality of education for students. However, it seems to me that having smaller class sizes means teachers can build a rapport and develop individualized plans that will support the academic education and success of our children. Plus isn’t it easier for 2 eyes to watch over 12 students rather than 24 students?  Due to this consolidation of classes, Mountaintop Area Elementary School will lose excellent teachers that should be staying in our community school.  So, as a community, we need to make sure lights are not being turned off in perfectly good classrooms just because we do not have higher student enrollment!  Please consider signing this petition and sharing this with your friends. We are not asking for money, we are asking for our community school to have smaller class sizes and keep our children academically supported!