Vegan friendlier products at Bakers Delight

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Changing small but simple things such as the brands for; colour dye, sprinkles, custard, butter and cheese widen up the range an incredible amount. A promotion product that the community was upset about is the cinnamon chips used in the hot cross buns at Easter that contains milk solids instead of good old plain cinnamon.

Ingredient ideas: Queen Rose Pink/Pillar Box Red food dye, Magic 100’s & 1000’s, Foster Clarks Original Custard Powder, Nutlex butter, Follow Your Heart cheese.

From the local cafe to national chains, more and more restaurants are now catering to the growing demand for vegan food options: vegan pizzas at Domino's, Crust and Pizza Hut, vegan Mexican dishes at Montezuma's, Zambrero, Mad Mex and Guzman and Gomez, vegan burgers at Grill'd, Hungry Jacks, Soul Burger, Lord of the Fries and Oporto, vegan subs at Subway and Le Wrap, vegan desserts at San Churro and Max Brenner, and even several vegan items at Hog's Breath Cafe, including a Crispy Vegan Schnitzel Burger and wrap.

Veganism is on a climb and it’s the best time for businesses to cater for a large and fast growing market and to be one of the first of their types to cater certain foods such as vegan baked sweets. In Australia, between 2014 and 2016, the number of food products launched carrying a vegan claim rose by 92%. And Australia is the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world.

We hope you’re research and marketing team can see how large a difference this can make and how it can engage the community in shopping with such a wonderful wholesome company that has been serving the best fresh baked bread since the 80’s.

Vegan food is inclusive and is suitable for:

• vegetarians, including lacto-vegetarians who do not eat eggs

• people trying to reduce meat consumption for animal welfare reasons

• people concerned about the environmental impact of the production of animal products

• those cutting down on meat for specific health reasons, such as those with special cholesterol needs or people trying to reduce weight

• lactose intolerant diners

• many religious dietary requirements (for example, vegan foods are kosher and if the meal does not contain alcohol then vegan food is halal, also is suitable for those who do not eat various types of meat for religious reasons)

• vegan food is often more suitable for health conscious consumers. This is backed up by the Australian Dietary Guidelines which states that "evidence suggests Australians need to eat more vegetables, legumes/beans, fruits and whole grain cereals."

• those with certain allergies prefer vegan meals

• athletes

• any customer looking for something a bit different