Equal nationality rights for Bahraini women

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Bahrain law currently denies citizenship to the children of Bahraini women who are married to foreigners, but children of Bahraini men are automatically granted a passport – irrespective of their mothers' nationality.

The Gulf Daily News (GDN) has teamed up with campaigners seeking a change in the law, which would allow Bahraini women to pass on their nationality to their children. 

An amendment to the law, which would grant equal citizenship rights, is currently being reviewed in parliament. 

Sign this petition if you agree the law should be changed.

For more information contact GDN on makeadifference@gdn.com.bh / Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society on info@bhrws.org / Bahrain Women Union on info@bahwu.com or bahwu2006@gmail.com / Women's Crisis Care International at info@womenscci.org