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Blacklist @SwayShay (Shannon Sour) from any future BSB related events

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Shay (Shannon) is known in the Backstreet Boys fandom as an aggressive, overly obsessed fan. She uses her hearing disability as a way of getting closer to the guys and getting closer seats, because she believes she is above other fans. She has to sit "close" to the stage in order to read lips, but has a hearing aid. It's a known fact that you are not supposed to be close to loud speakers, etc. while wearing a hearing aid.

She has been blocked by Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell on Twitter and seeks those out to get close to the boys.

On the Backstreet Boys cruise, on Prom Night, she was seen by many people throwing a glass at a taller girl's head who was "in her way," before yelling at the girl. Drunk or not, this is inexcusable behavior.

After the death of Nick Carter's sister, fan club management told all fans NOT to mention Leslie Carter to Nick during VIP events, etc. Despite being told not to, she again broke rules and did so in front of others.

Shay shows lack of respect for other fans and this has been done time and time again. Yet, she still gets rewarded for this by using her disability to her advantage while there are other fans with real disabilities who do not use them to get "close" to the boys or "good seats."

We, the fans, believe it's time for something to be done about this.


NOTE: This petition is not a source of hate or jealousy. It is simply a way for those who are tired of this behavior to have their voices heard with the fan club and management. If anything, hopefully this petition will show them that this special treatment that she does not deserve should come to end.



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