B'ham City Council to properly consult local people in School Road traffic scheme

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 We, the undersigned,  acknowledge action is required to address issues of traffic congestion and inconsiderate parking and driving at the section of School Road, Moseley between the junction of Prospect Road/Ashfield Road and the Valentine Road/Cambridge Road/Springfield roundabout. 

Following a formal consultation in July 2017 and a Traffic Impact Assessment Study dated 9 October 2017, a proposed one way restriction between Cambridge Road and Blenheim Road was rejected. 

At a meeting on 24 January 2018 Birmingham City Council (“BCC”) proposed new Options 1 to 5b for consideration by residents who attended the meeting. The six options have not been subjected to a Traffic Impact Assessment Study or a formal consultation. 

On 19 September 2018, with no further engagement, BCC selected Option 5a (the closure of School Road) as its “preferred option”.

We believe that unless Options 1 to 5b are subjected to analysis, examination and scrutiny by way of a Traffic Impact Assessment Study and a formal consultation before any “preferred scheme” is selected and/or implemented, residents cannot make an informed decision that will ensure the most appropriate and effective solution. 

We therefore call upon BCC not to proceed with the implementation of any “preferred option” until it has carried out:

1. A Traffic Impact Assessment Study in connection with Options 1 to 5b; and

2 A formal consultation with all residents in connection with Options 1 to 5b based on the findings and conclusions set out in the Study.