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AZAL has decided to terminate flights between Baku and NY. 

Having a direct flight from NYC to BAKU is important for Azeri community in US. Being able to fly nonstop was encouraging and it was very convenient. I remember 1st time I flew with AZAL, I was proud and happy. New Dreamliner Aircraft, excellent service, short distance and reasonable price made AZAL an attractive airliner for me. 

I had issues with booking, customer service, transit luggages from DC to JFK, but I still chose AZAL. 

AZAL never adopted itself to American Consumers. Transit flights are very important for those who live in the other states. If I took a flight from DC to JFK to BAKU, I had to figure out my own Transit of Luggages and book my flights with 2 different airliners. My choice of airliner in the US was Delta. Delta did offer luggage transit for a Fee. If AZAL could have figured out its payment processing and booking, many consumers would have used it. Imagine AZAL being on KAYAK or any other booking website. If AZAL’s own booking system offered the booking from any state in US with other Airliners and connecting at JFK with Luggage Transit it would have resolved issues and attracted many consumers. Most people I know in DC area uses Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa or Qatar Airways due to Luggage Transit and Convince of being able to book from a single system.

My Credit Cards always got fraud Alert when I booked on AZAL’s website directly. Imagine wasting 10-15 min & figuring out your Itinerary and when you want to pay, your card gets declined. AZAL said it was Banks in America, but I would say, its the Payment processing company AZAL used. 

As an Azerbaijani American community member, I truly believe that AZAL provided an amazing service and added huge value to connecting us to our motherland. We need AZAL to keep its promise and continue the flights between Azerbaijan and US.

Azerbaijan is located in an amazing location to be HUB between US and many countries around Azerbaijan.

I ask that AZAL and Azerbaijani Government to keep Flights between BAKU and NYC alive for years to come.

Thank You