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Stop the cruelty of the horse-drawn carriages in Seville, Spain

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Please impose regulations to give humane treatment to the horses that pull the tourist carriages in the center of Seville, Spain.
They are forced to work 12-hour shifts and many of them are not allowed to rest in the shade even when temperature reaches 97 F degrees and above.
They do not appear to receive water or food, despite what the drivers state. In the week I spent in Seville I saw no buckets of water, nor food.
The harnesses these poor animals wear are so tight that some cannot even open their mouths and they cause abrasion to their skin, exacerbated by heat and sweat.
The cobbled streets of the city center cause them to constantly slip and with the little night vision they have, the walks at night make the stumbling even worse. Also, they are forced to interact with traffic and I witnessed many carriage drivers assert their right of way by exposing the animals to danger from the cars.
I understand that their stables are 10 kilometers from the center of Seville - a very long journey home after an exhausting days work.
Tourists: please do not support this type of practice. Do not take a horse carriage ride when you can see that the animal is exhausted or the heat is excessive.
Seville authorities: make it mandatory for the drivers to give the horses water and food, to loosen their harnesses during periods of rest and forbid them to ride when the temperature reaches 90 F degrees. Ensure that the horses work day is no longer than 8 hours.

Cruelty to animals is not acceptable.

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