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Stop the beating of our Mijas Pueblo Donkeys

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A video of two men dragging and kicking in the face of a mijas Pueblo working Donkey a few hours ago, it was caught on video Camara today ( not by me ), 
Working all day with no shade anymore because the town hall decided to rip it down.... The donkey couldn't stand up so to of the working donkey men began Kicking this donkey in the face and dragging him up, the donkey just couldn't get up so they continued to drag and throw him over until they finally took his saddle off, he got up to a crowd of laughing people.


NO MORE, we need to be the voice for this donkey and send a message to the MIJAS POWN HALL "Boycott MIJAS PUEBLO", Until the donkeys are helped and cared for by an independent body, I have been saying for years, I have seen these men punching and kicking these poor donkeys, and its still happening today in my village, two hours ago.
I live in the village that is famous for donkey ride, I have worked as many have to help Stop the beating of mijas Donkeys by these heartless sub humans, this happened just two hours ago, a picture tells a thousands stories, and yes I feel sick to my Stumach, Lets show the town hall today that this is what they promote, Mijas Town hall ( Santi ) you promised me if you were to get elected that if there was any mistreatment of any donkeys you would fire whoever was to blame, now lets see if you practise what you preach, I very much doubt it but lets see.

boycott Mijas Pueblo until they do something positive to help stop this cruelty.

Be the Voice for these Donkeys

not looking forward to my repercussions 

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