We need help to save our colony

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Our feral cat colony is being trapped and brought to the kill shelter, where they will be killed very soon.
We were informed these days about the declaration of Granada as a cruelty-free town and that any animal will not be put down in the shelters:
And today we learn that our managed colony, in which 95% of the cats are fixed and all the female cats are spayed and there's no litters since June 2016 is being trapped. These animal's faul is that they live in a school area. This is the reason why they all are going to be trapped and confined in a shelter.
They try to tell another story: they all will be adopted.
Adoption? For an adult feral cat? They're not socialized, thus they're unadoptable. Their fate: to be killed.
There's no a real commitment to not put down animal in the shelters when a feral cat is confiend to a cage. Keeping them in a cage is somehow an abuse; confining them will kill them.
No slaughter? It's impossible to avoid it when bringing feral cats to a shelter. They're unadoptable, they aren't socialized and they will be killed either by the shelter staff or by the confinement.

What are the authorities' plan for these animals? These cats belong to nobody, but they belong to everybody. What can we do for them?
The regional authorities asked the local authorities to invest public funds to manage feral cat colonies.
Well, we ask the Council of Granada HELP and TIME for our colony. We have been taken care of this colony for more than three years. We have fixed, dewormed and fed them every single day. We need the authorities to stop the trapping and to find and ethic solutions for this community cats.

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