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Save the internet; reject article 13 and 11

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The internet has become the centre of our culture. Our right to share information, express ourselves freely and participate in our joint culture is as fundamental to the people on the Internet as it is in the meatworld. 

If article 11 passes, our right to share news and information with each other will be hampered. The article suggest to introduce an extra copyright for newssites. This gives the publisher of an article the right to demand a fee everytime somebody shares their articles. The fee will be demanded of the platforms they are shared on, and will lead to the platforms either demanding a fee from their users in return, or censoring the links. 

Article 13 wants to force platforms to install censoring algorithms; robots scanning every upload for copyrighted material and then censoring it out before it is uploaded. Since remixculture (things like memes, covers, fanart, parodies) are only covered by fair use in some memberstates of the EU, and not the EU as a union, a whole culture is about to vanish. A lot of things that might falsley trigger the algorithm is also endangered, like free and collaborative software. This article will put up barriers for the development of source code.

The type of control the proposal are suggesting the EU to perpetuate on European citizens interaction with each other in their daily lives are absurd.   Reject article 11 and 13 for an internet worthy a democracy 

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