Collective petition to act on complaints to Airtel from PBEL City

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PBEL City is a community in Hyderabad with a 1000+ flats and thousands of Airtel users in turn. There is no landline connection in this community and therefore there is heavy reliance on Airtel.

But unfortunately connectivity is very poor. Calls are frequently dropped, calls are not clear, network is not good, 4G speeds are affected. Hundreds of users if not thousands have complained already.

This petition is to ask Airtel to hear the above complaints including a joint complaint by 150+ users to the appellate authority given in the first week of May.

Airtel needs to act on this issue. Their attitude of ignoring or promising a solution way in the future is not acceptable anymore.

This petition is marked to Mr. Avneet Puri, CEO, AP & Telangana, Airtel. We, the residents of this community hope that this petition can drive Airtel move to resolve this in immediate timelines.