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Stop Nickelback From Touring In 2012


-Chad Kroger looks too similar to the Paddle pop lion for them to be welcome, I don't want to get them mixed up.

-They have gone on file as saying they don't care what we think and that hurts

-We have enough poisonous things here already with out adding Nickelback to the mix

-They're so lame

-Aussies have a habit of rioting when we're not happy, Nickelback won't make us happy.

-ACDC, INXS, Screaming Jets, The Angels - when it comes to rock we need to keep our high standards.

-Bieber was JUST here, fans of terrible music have had their fix.

-If you sign it I will be your best friend

-I just really hate Nickelback. Does that count as a reason?

-It's my birthday week and i'm guessing you forgot, so this can count as my present.

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