Justice For The People Murdered.

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Dozens Of People Viciously Murdered !

On the 15/3/2019 a outburst erupted in CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand. Being one of the BIGGEST terrorist attacks to ever take place in both Australia and New Zealand, a man named Brenton Tarrant set out on a journey to cold-heartedly murder and terrorize the innocent law abiding citizens of New Zealand.                                  Brenton with no remorse single-handedly killed dozens of civilians.                            The man live streamed himself murdering civilians, whilst listening to music.              The people that were murdered were praying peacefully and carrying no criminal history, just law abiding citizens. All that changed when Brenton decided to enter heavily armed firing many shots, killing dozens of people.                                      We cry for those who have lost a loved one due to Brenton, at the time of 5:36PM 15/03/19 40 people have died from the hands of Brenton. The facts are that Brenton entered the mosque heavily armed planned, fired at will and murdered dozens of people. We need to cumulate as humans.