Fire Todd Greenberg

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Todd Greenberg is the CEO of the NRL and has during his tenure has consistently caused the game to erupt into turmoil through his neglect, poor handling of situations and at times, pure idiocy. 

The NRL is in charge of the greatest game on this earth but since Greenberg's leadership, has done nothing but take backwards steps and embarrass itself thanks to Greenberg's "Pig Headed Arrogance" according to Paul Kent. 

Todd Greenberg has allowed Matthew Lodge, who was arrested in New York city for a violent home invasion of a young family and fined $1.6 million USD back into our game. Although he is willing to De-register Wests Tigers CEO, Justin Pascoe for a supposably illegal job offer for an ambassadorship to Robbie Farah that was never even made official. Greenberg in the 2018 season instructed referees to blow more penalties in games which disrupted the flow of games and made for a dour viewing for the fans, who have already expressed their displeasure, yet Todd Greenberg ignores us. 

Stars of our game have already expressed their frustration such as Immortal Andrew Johns who said Greenberg has 'destroyed our game' through the penalty crack down. Former Penrith, NSW and Australia centre Ryan Girdler echoed Johns’ sentiments. Stating that he was 'beside himself' after the Good Friday clash between South Sydney and Canterbury in 2018 after 33 penalties were called. Paul Kent stated;

‘’It’s disgraceful management from the NRL, it’s double standards, they don’t have a backbone to get up and stand up and take on the players, they don’t want to take on the clubs.

‘’It’s gutless, it shows that they’re just managers, they can’t make a decision, they’re not leaders.’’ Over the way Greenberg lightly handled the Andrew Fifita and Josh Dugan podcast scandal yet severely punished Raiders coach and game legend Ricky Stuart for expressing his displeasure over incorrect referee calls during a game. 

The NRL is falling into a dark abyss with Greenberg as the boss. To work our way out of this mess there is only one option to undertake and that is to sack Greenberg and try to build the game back up from the mess that he created. 

Please share this petition to make our game what is once was... The greatest game in the world, because right now. It is not.