National apology for the breach of confidential regulation

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Under current Australian Law, sex offender’s personal details aren’t even allowed to reveal to the public. Despite this, three, young dark complexioned Australians were named and shamed for their offence. Although the crime they committed was related to covid19 health restriction and they deserve punishment at law for that, they did not ask to be identified personally.

Before these girls, there were security guards that breached the strict quarantine protocols while being paid to enforce at their job site but none of their information or the returned travelers were given to us,

Furthermore, we have up to eight hundred people who were tested positive for covid19 but didn’t isolate at home when the ADF came checked on them. Once again neither their residential nor work place address are available.

I wonder why?

What makes it right to treat a few citizens differently from the others when the damage to our nation is the same, for example: to cause more life loss, a surge in mental health issue and domestic violence due to extended lockdown along with hindering our economic recovery,

I truly believe this is an unfair treatment on these girls because of their ethnicity, I sincerely ask Scott Morrison and Annastacia Palaszczuk to address this matter publicly,

They deserve an apology as this is clearly a breach of Privacy and Confidential Acts 1988, it states in part:” Information of a personal nature can in some instances allow identification of an individual. It includes information such as a persons name, address, financial information, martial status or billing details. Some personal information is sensitive such as: Racial and ethnic origin”

We can do better than this, this is the time to work together not against each other’s!