Stop taxing My period! Take the tax off sanitary items

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Girls as young as eight experience periods and continue to experience them until their mid-fifties, but did you know that you are paying extra for that packet of tampons or pads? You are paying extra for these items because the Australian government considers these essential sanitary products to be "luxury items". While on the flip side products such as sunscreen, condoms and lubricants are considered necessities so therefore you do not pay GST on these items.

52% of the Australian population have or will experience periods every month, these periods earn the government approximately 25 million dollars each year! This tax is a tax on women! It is unfair and it needs to change. I’m sure if men had periods and had to buy pads and tampons, this wouldn’t still be an issue.


This injustice needs to be addressed. Please sign this petition to show your support for this issue.

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