Stop Australian Government's $49.8 Million funding to Pakistan

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Pakistan is an epicentre of global terrorism with hundreds of terrorist camps across it's territory producing terrorists threatening global peace.


Pakistan receives billions of dollars of foreign aid in the name of education, medical care and other development activities.


Pakistan, who had always denied presence of Osama Bin Laden in it's country for several years untill he got hunted down, has been dubiously diverting foreign funds in the name of development  aid to terrorist activities.


Pakistan's penchant to use terrorism as instrument of foreign policy remains unchanged. The latest terrorist attack in Pulwana in India where 44 innocent lives were swallowed underpins the point.


Australian Taxpayers money in the tune of $49.8 Million in 2018-19 is pledged as aid to Pakistan. Every peace loving person in Australia must come forward to demand Australian Government to cut the aid to Pakistan, else declare that they have no problem in Australian tax payer's money being used used for killing innocent men, women and children.