Save the Blobfish from Extinction

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Hi, i’m an eighth grader who loves animals as I’m sure many of you do too.  Blobfish are becoming closer and closer to extinction.  There are only 420 left in the entire world. The main reason for this is overfishing by trawling nets.  Many humans around the world have voted the blobfish as the ugliest animal. This is not right! We must help save the blobfish, no matter what it looks like.  First off,  fishermen collect them and don’t put them back because they feel that it’s not necessary.  But the truth is that if we have another animal extinct, the food chain will be messed up.  Female blobfish lay over 1000 eggs at a time and many of them get knocked over or broken from the fishing.  Also, there is a littering problem.  Blobfish eat anything that floats into their mouth because of their lack of muscles.  If there were to be trash in the water, it may float into their mouths and they could get sick or die.  What I want to do is get people to stop the littering even more than before and help get a law passed that trawling nets should be banned in deep water  If this petition succeeds, we can help save a species, and even if this wouldn’t work, people would be more familiar with the circumstances and need for help.  I really care because the blobfish is my favorite animal and I think they’re cute.  But more importantly, we need to save any animal we can from extinction.

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