Protect the artistic freedom of Video Game Developers

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Protect the artistic freedom of Video Game Developers

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Yet another petition has been started by a group of people, that are out to ban yet another game (GTA5). In their petition, they list outright lies on the nature of the game, and its effects on society.

"It's a game that encourages players to murder women for entertainment. The incentive is to commit sexual violence against women, then abuse or kill them" Nowhere in the game are you encouraged to murder women for entertainment, the game actually discourages you from killing random NPCs. The police in the game, are in an in-game mechanic that attempt to punish the player should they be caught committing crime, predominantly, crime that the game is named after: Grand Theft Auto. It's an electronic version of cops and robbers. Killing random NPCs, is NOT how you play the game, NOR is the story based on killing women for entertainment.

"This game spreads the idea that certain women exist as scapegoats for male violence." -- "Games like this are grooming yet another generation of boys to tolerate violence against women." There has been NO STUDY, linking video games as a cause of misogyny. Just like there has been NO STUDY, linking video games as a cause of crime and violence. The average age of gamers is almost 40, and these games themselves are marketed to, intended for, and restricted to adults. For generations, gamers have grown up playing all sorts of video games, from the very violent, to the very sexualised, and statistically there has not been an increase in violence, nor has there been an increase in misogyny. In fact, statistics show us crime rates are going down where video games are prevalent. Video games have not turned gamers into violent, hateful people. By calling video games the cause of such violent and horrific crimes in real life, when the evidence points to the exact opposite, it downplays the severity of these horrendous crimes, and gives criminals the excuse of "Video Games made me do it."

Study that shows video games don't cause violence:

Using video games as a scapegoat to commit modern day witch burning, not only doesn't help the problem of violence against women, but embarrasses us as a country, and makes us look like backward savages.

Protect the artistic freedom of video game developers, leave our innocent hobby alone. Video games are not about pushing an ideology or agenda onto impressionable people, they're not a training tool used to develop skills that would be used to harm others, nor are they intended to be a realistic depiction of modern society -- they're a type of entertainment, an innocent hobby, where you have fun pushing pixels on a screen around.

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