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Introduce regulations to make oil drilling safer

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Did you know oil spills have likely harmed or killed a minimum of approximately 82000 birds or 102 species, 6 165 sea turtles and up to 25 900 marine mammals? Oil spills are one of the many causes of water pollution, resulting in death or even endangerment of many species. Oil spills ruins our beautiful beaches, and hurt our exquisite marine life. We have a long history of oil spills all over the world, causing harm to beaches, fish, corals. Australia's Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven wonders of the world, is dying slowly because of water pollution. Us humans dump trash into waters, spill oil across the surface of the ocean, and there is more pieces of plastic in the ocean than the number of stars in the milky way! This is petition is directed to the Australian government, to set up better regulations regarding the standards of oil platforms 

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