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Introduce a law that makes all schools contact parents if a child didn't come to class

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Do you have children? Do you care about children's well-being? In any case... Imagine that a child walks to school alone, or even with a friend. His/her parents have gone to work. He/she is 7-15 years old. The school bell goes. Classes started. But the child never made it to school. The parents don't know. The school doesn't know - they assume the child's at home. If the child(ren) has been abducted, the parents will not know until after school time, which means 6 hours will pass during which the child will have been with the abductor.

At the moment, schools do not call the parents and they don't have to. My child stayed home a few times due to sickness, and the school never called me to ask where my child was.

In the UK, the law was changed in 1999, after two 10 year old schoolgirls were abducted and held by a paedophile for 4 days. Miraculously, they survived the imprisonment and rape, and the abductor was caught and jailed. From then on, all British schools are supposed to contact the parent of any child who didn't come to school.

I believe the same law must be introduced in Australia. I observe kids as young as 7-8 walking and catching a bus to school. Knowing that my daughter could be abducted and I wouldn't know till late afternoon makes me so frightened, I am unable to let her walk alone. She is 8.

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Thank you!

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