Free the Fur! No punishment for behaved dogs and responsible owners in Australia

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Living in Australia and love traveling is a challenge you have to face as dog owner. 
Quick explaining what motivated me to set up a petition.
We as a family and dog owner  moved to Australia from Europe a few years ago. As we love to travel and want to take our dog with us, we found a lot of places which we couldn’t go to, because dogs are prohibited. If we want to do a day at the beach or in the nature we always have to research upfront, if it is possible to take our beloved dog with us. A lot of times that's not possible and the decision is, rather to stay home than lock-up the dog all day. We lived overseas with pets and experienced first hand of not being so restricted. We are convinced a rather thoughtful way to go forward is better and there is proof it works in many other countries around the word and they too have wildlife to protect!
Facing Australian regulations punish responsible dog owners and their dogs.
Dogs are banned from public transport and regional parks, and restricted on beaches and in public spaces. Owners face expensive and onerous registration costs. 
If you have good behaved pets and owners who respect this new freedom, they do everything to keep that standard! Being active and respect our environment is what our next generation has to be educated in and what could be better education that showing our children in daily life?! Some places are more messed up by humans. Dogs can’t make a mess to the environment, their owner take the responsibility!
Generally humans make more harm to the Australian wildlife than any animal could ever do! Good trained dogs and responsible owners are not doing any harm to nature and wildlife.

We propose setting up rules, that people with dogs have to follow, could be more than valid option! 
For example: 
-      Dogs in national parks and beaches have to be on leash.
-      Clean up behind their dogs and take the garbage.
-      Get a dog permit before entering sensitive park or beach areas.
-      limit number of dogs per adult in sensitive areas.
It’s time for Queensland to loosen the dog restriction rules and send a sign to all other Australian states to follow straight after!

Sign our petition to send a message to the Queensland Government as the Australian Government to ease up on these rules and free the fur.
Please help us! Thank you.