CGM Affordabilty and Equity Please

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CGM technology is life changing Diabetes management that currently costs $6500 - $7000 per year for users out of pocket. This system allows amazing and accurate blood glucose control and gives diabetics the chance to live a near normal existence and avoid the complications that come with this chronic disease. Allowing equitable access to CGM customers at a respectable cost would change the lives of millions of sufferers and take thousands of people out of the overcrowded health system as they would be able to manage their diabetes in a way that would avoid damage to; eyes, nerves, feet, hands, kidneys etc. Please support this, I have already taken to a local MP and already had a letter read out in parliament but noone cares. $275 per month minimum is outrageously expensive. Then we have to purchase insulin and consumables on top of this. Companies charge this large amount, because they can.