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Puppy mills (also known as puppy factories or farms) are the main source of those cute little puppies you find in the window of a pet store. It happens all over the world mainly in the UK, USA, and Australia. These puppies are bred in conditions that fail to meet the behavioural, psychological and social needs of the dogs. They are often kept in small cages and treated with poor to no veterinary care. The dogs are often severely malnourished and traumatised from the conditions and the poor treatment by the enablers. It is disgusting.

Puppy mills are the result of ‘cruel commercial breeders wanting to maximize profit by producing the highest number of puppies at the lowest possible cost’. It’s time to raise awareness and hopefully, with your help, end this terrible practice. Please sign and share. 

More Information:

What usually happens in these establishments is that dogs are turned into breeding machines, whether it be for purebred, crossbred, or mixed-bred puppies. These dogs are forced to live in kennels from anything like tiny filthy cages made from wood and wire to the outdoors tied to a tree, even during extreme weather. Dogs that live in cages stand on painful wire all of the time. This wears their paws and causes lesions which are left ignored by farmers. Not to mention that it is never just one dog locked in a cage, but many crowded into one. Many photos of puppy mills show that cages are stacked on top of one another vertically and when they defecate and pee, it showers and falls down onto other dogs. This adds unhygienic to their already unacceptable conditions.

While hundreds and sometimes thousands of dogs are kept in facilities like these, they are deprived of their behavioural, physiological (never be allowed out for a walk, exercise), and social needs (affection, interactions). On top of that, the dogs can suffer from diseases and chronic/acute conditions in these farms where they aren’t given proper veterinary care. Some examples are: curling nails, broken bones, sores, rotten teeth, and un-kept hair which results in mats. Living in these disgusting conditions, the dogs acquire weak immune systems and are exposed to illnesses which can be life-threatening and painful for them. They can get parasites, worms, and pneumonia etc. On another note, when a dog’s behavioural needs aren’t fulfilled, puppies can develop anxiety, stress, violence tendencies, and fear which can last a lifetime.

Female dogs are kept in isolation and locked in those cramped so-called kennels and are continually impregnated at every opportunity, litter after litter. This continues regularly, usually twice a year, for all of their life. Once the female dogs are worn-out and can no longer produce enough puppies to make a profit, they are killed, auctioned off, or abandoned.Their puppies then have to survive without their mother for a small time before they are sold to brokers. They are then shipped/transported all over the country (or world) crammed into crates without proper water, food, shelter and ventilation to a pet store where they are sold. So not only does puppy farming hurt the animals kept within its cages, but it also breeds poorly conditioned dogs.