Change for Macarthur Mental Health for Youth & Adolescents

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CALL for Change for Macarthur Mental Health System
We are a small group, representative of Parents and Carers of Youth and Adolescents in Macarthur, that have experienced the broken system called Mental Health.
Our Aim is to walk to Parliament House Canberra to present to the Federal Health Minister, Mr Greg Hunt, a list of concerns and experiences that highlight how broken the Mental Health System has become.
Our goals are listed.
o Increase funding for SSWAHS Mental Health Facilities, Birunji and Gna Ka Lun.
o Ensure consumers have 24 hr access to an employed Physcologist at each unit.
o Ensure there is deliverable therapy programs for each unit, e.g DBT, CBT.
o Ensure there are deliverable trauma counselling programs for each unit.
o Ensure there is funding for appropriate daily activities to engage consumers.
o Improve Parent / Carer consultation through an increase in staff.
o Increase the size (bed numbers) of each unit, or have additional units built to cater for an expanding population in Macarthur.
o Provide facilities that are SAFE, reduce triggers and implement appropriate screening of consumers.
o Provide improved access for Parents and Carers 24/7 with information such as where do I take a child in crisis.
o Improve accountability with both inpatient and outpatient communication, ICHAMS and Emergency department.
o Redefine COMHET role and access. Recorded messages that we will get back to you within 7 days are not OK.
o Ensure staff communicate consumer concerns in a timely manner to Parents / Carers.

We will present this petition to all persons that may direct change, that will benefit Macarthurs growing Youth and Adolescents Mental Health crisis.
Thank you for supporting this petition with your voice.