To amend or abolish the Lombok Treaty

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To amend or abolish the Lombok Treaty

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Mark Strattan started this petition to Australian federal government

This petition hopes to draw attention to the various problems associated with the 2006 Agreement Between Australia and the Republic of Indonesia on the Framework for Security Co-operation (Lombok Treaty) and its 2014 update, the Joint Understanding of the Code of Conduct.

The Lombok Treaty creates an unfair burden on Australian citizens.

Article 2 (3) gags political dissent by preventing anyone "encouraging separatism" on Australian territory.

Article 3 of the Treaty and Point 2 of the Code forces Australian police and spy agencies to share information with Indonesia.

The Indonesian Government's human rights values are incompatible with Australian law. The Foreign Minister worked hard to reaffirm the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the 2014 Code to make the Treaty work.

Indonesia has breached the Code by:
-Executing two Australians
-Committing genocide in occupied West Papua
-Implementing Sharia in Aceh

We therefore ask the House to either scrap the Lombok Treaty or refer it to the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties for review to:

a) Amend both Article 3 of the Treaty and Point 2 of the Code to:

 i) exclude intelligence sharing that could endanger Australian lives

ii) exclude intelligence sharing on human rights activists, journalists and non-violent political dissidents

iii) ban joint military training until foreign media are stationed in West Papua; and

b) Delete Article 2 (3) of the Lombok Treaty.

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This petition had 1,274 supporters

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