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Tell Ticketek to STOP DISCRIMINATING, and improve customer service and booking process.

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1.            Ticketek's 'Special Needs' Hotline is a term used by Ticketek which we do not endorse, however, required to use in our petition, so as not to confuse.  We seek improved allocation of tickets for people with 'special needs' to the concert experience they want, whether seated, standing, or VIP.  Purchasing tickets via Ticketek's 'special needs' hotline is difficult and in most cases impossible. Ticketek's current system of allocating tickets does not allow people who use Ticketek's 'special needs' hotline equal opportunity.

2.           Due to Ticketek’s lack of adequate staffing for the high demand events, patrons with disabilities are unable to access tickets via the hotline and internet, thereby being discriminated.  Also many patrons require specialised services to purchase their tickets and the hotline was unreasonably and unnecessarily engaged. This caused undue stress and inconvenience as patrons were queued for long periods and in most cases they were unable to continue holding, therefore losing any opportunity of gaining tickets.  Staffing should be increased for high demand events and be highly trained to enable them to give appropriate customer service to Ticketek patrons.

3.              Ticketek have shown total disregard to the disabled community.  The number of tickets able to be purchased by a disabled patron is 2, whereas the limit is 4 for other patrons.  Disabled patrons are unable to enjoy the event with their family/friends.  Ticketeting needs to be made fair and equitable and the number of available tickets increased to accommodate the number who want to attend these events. 

4.             Ticketek advertise and encourage patrons to become members to enable them to access event tickets in a pre-sale promotion. Ticketek's current system is unable to process patrons requests for tickets, however, scammers have managed to access in a very short time and re-sell.  Ticketek terms and conditions prohibit the re-sale of tickets, however, scammers seem to be successful.  It seems unbelievable that scammers don’t have to give any ID, address or credit card info at time of purchase.  Pre-sale promotions are used for advertising hype only and benefits Ticketek and causes mayhem and website crashes.  Instead of pre-sale promos, Ticketet should amend their release dates and times, and limit to States and categories being purchased at any given time.  This will stop any overloading on the internet and hotlines; it will give everyone equal chance of purchasing tickets; it will make for a smoother process for Ticketek staff and the patrons.

5.               The categories should be fairly proportioned for customers to be able to attend, enjoy and see the event and pay a reasonable amount for their ticket.  The more you pay for your ticket, the closer you should be located and if you purchase A Reserve you should be in an area considered to be A Reserve.  If you pay the lowest price then you expect to be in an area that is not as favourable.  Therefore, tickets should be sold “Best ticket in your category”, instead of issuing tickets as the computer generates and if you do not accept the ticket, then you have to queue again and more likely to miss out completely.  If the ticket you are allocated is not suitable, the system should allow you to change.  In the high demand concerts that isn't possible.  On pre-sale, people have paid the highest price, ie A Reserve (Ed Sheeran concert) and are sitting amongst B and C reserve in the highest portion of the Adelaide Oval.  These tickets should not be sold at top ticketing price.  Frontier Touring and Ticketek need to become accountable for the disaray of ticket categories, number allocated for the disabled community and that the categories are considered fair and equitable for price that the patron is expected to pay.

6.            Ticketek need to revise their customer service procedures and become a business with ethics and put in place adequate staff ratio when popular events are on sale.  Their customer service requirements should include ‘the customer is always right’ and the issue investigated and not pushed under the carpet.

7.             Ticketek needs to take responsibility for their service outcomes and when patrons say they are unhappy with their service, it is time for Ticketek to re-evaluate their processes and improve them. 

If you have had issues with Ticketek please sign our petition and pass onto others. Thank you,

Tracey Cook and Pauline Cameron


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