Enforce penalties for staff and businesses who provide false product information

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Providing false information or misleading statements about products is deceitful and illegal. Staff members and businesss should be held accountable for providing evasive, unclear and untrue statements about products they sell.

As stated on the ACCC website (2018), "It is illegal for a business to make statements that are incorrect or likely to create a false impression. This includes advertisements or statements in any media (print, radio, television, social media and online) or on product packaging, and any statement made by a person representing your business"

Mainland China currently has a policy in place that requires all beauty products imported to China, to be subject to testing. This means testing on animals. Thereby voiding the 'cruelty-free' status. As someone who refuses to purchase products which perpetuate inhumane practices, I do not want a product that is imported to China.

It has been found that staff members of a large hair and beauty retail-salon chain have, on numerous occasions (and at numerous locations), advised and sold products to customers by using false claims (cruelty-free products, not tested on animals, no animal ingredients). It has also been noted that staff have discredited customers opinions when they question these (false) claims. This is not a one off experience, but this is the last straw. 

I am asking you to sign this petition to show businesses that we, the consumer, will not be lied to and will not support business that continue to do so. Furthermore, in providing your support, we are asking ACCC to enforce consequences to unlawful actions such as providing false information (which, is stated as illegal on their website).