Petition for Tony Abbott to lose the seat of Warringah at the next federal election.

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The incumbent member of the Division of Warringah in 2018 brought the government of Australia to a virtual stand-still with his dishonourable behaviour and politicking.

Having had his demands met on various policy issues, such as the National Energy Guarantee, he has still turned on his party's leadership in a spirit of selfishness and revenge, inconsistent with his public claims of putting the people of Australia first and respecting his party's choice of leader with promises of "no wrecking, no undermining and no sniping".

He has used his influence to successfully bring down two Prime Ministers, first Julia Gillard and now Malcolm Turnbull, with vicious, vindictive behaviour unbecoming in a person holding high public office. It is clear that Australia can never enjoy stable government while such a disruptive force remains in power. Without stable government, we cannot move forward successfully as a country on matters of social and economic importance.

We petition the citizens of the electorate of Warringah to please send a clear message to Tony Abbott and his supporters that this is not how democracy should be conducted and it is not how public servants should behave. For the sake of all Australians, we beg that you do what you can to ensure Tony Abbot does not retain his seat at the next federal election. Please vote for the strongest independent and put Tony Abbott last to ensure that your preferences do not go to him as well.