Ban live animal exports

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Appalling mistreatment of livestock from live animal exports, has been occurring for decades.  In 1980, the livestock transport ship Farid Fares caught fire and all 40,605 sheep on board were burned alive - the crew abandoned the vessel.  In 1996, the livestock transport ship Uniceb caught fire and all 67,488 sheep on board were burned alive.

The atrocities are appalling.  Cattle killed with sledgehammers (Vietnam 2013). Over 21,000 sheep were buried alive (Pakistan 2012).  Cattle eye-gouged for restraint (Egypt, Gaza, elsewhere).

In 1985, the Australian Senate Select Committee (Export of Live Sheep) recommended: "Purely on animal welfare grounds, there is enough evidence to stop the trade."  However, 30 years on, the atrocities continue, because the ALP and the LNP refuse to act. 

We have started a new federal political party - Australian Centre Party - to implement the 1985 recommendation - to ban live animal exports.  We need 500 people to join, so we can register with the AEC.  Membership of the Australian Centre Party is free - no joining fee, no annual fee.  There are no time commitments either.  Would you please join us, to ban live animal exports?  Thank you.