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Withdraw funding to Mascara Literary Review

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Mascara Literary Review is a racist anti-White publication. They have recently "made a submission to the Senate inquiry into the budget 2014-2015 asking for Specific Strategic Initiatives (sic) to be established for Non-Indigenous Australian Writers of Cultural Diversity (sic)." Given that Arts Council funding is in limited supply, this means that they are openly agitating for less funding for white Australian literary culture; it also means that they are using their existing funding to agitate for increased wealth-transfer from Australian taxpayers to their clique of anti-White culture commissars. 

Would the Australia Council fund a publication that was avowedly racist against a non-white ethnic group?  

Editor Michelle Cahill harbours a profound animus against white European culture and race that is evident both in her work as an editor and in her own writings. For example, in the essay "The Colour of the Dream: Unmasking Whiteness" (Southerly vol 74, #20) she writes of her ambition to "actively engage with Whiteness in order to dismantle it." This is tantamount to advocating genocide against white people everywhere, especially as it comes at a time in history when, as a result of mass immigration, white people are facing minority status in every country in which we reside, including our ancestral homelands in Europe. 

There is also reason to suspect that the editors at Mascara Literary Review are using their Arts Council funding to pay overseas anti-White writers at the expense of Australians. For example, the biographical information  (place of residence, birth or employment) volunteered by contributors to their latest issue suggests that as many as seventeen individuals may be ineligible for Arts Council-funded remuneration. This should be investigated by the council, and any misdirected funds repaid by the editors.   

While this petition does not advocate ethnically-based quotas of any kind, it is apparent that the Editors of Mascara do, since they feel the need to agitate for greater funding to specifically non-White authors. It is therefore permissible and necessary to apply their own logic to the journal they produce, in which a glace at contributors' photos and biographies indicates that white Australian authors are under-represented in terms of the broader population.

In fact, this raises an important issue regarding the editors' agitation for race-based funding: since the Australian Government does not compile statistics on the racial make-up of Australian society, it is impossible to ensure--if such a thing were desirable--that funding is allocated equally to competing identity groups. The editors' agitation is therefore transparently self-serving, since it is not based on any objective data suggesting a current shortfall in funding to "Diverse" (read "non-white") authors. 

Besides seeking the cancellation of funding to Mascara, this petition also opposes in the strongest terms the editors' anti-white activism and urges the Senate Inquiry to disregard it as ill-informed and malicious.     

The anti-Australian editors of Mascara are blind to the ethnically-based prvilege they already enjoy in the form of arts funding and academic positions from which to spout their resentment-fuelled brand of racist "critial theory," and seek to extend this privilege at the expense of white Australian taxpayers, and authors. They must not be allowed to do so.

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