Bring back NA Solo/Duo for Ring of Elysium

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A lot of people play Ring of Elysium with their friends. However sometimes you just want to go solo or only take one friend with you. The game has now disabled the Solo and Duo option since a few weeks. There is tons of comments on social media that demand the two options back.

The developer says that the removal of these game-modes happened because of the difficulties in getting enough players for each mode. We say that you're effectively drawing people away from the game by forcing them to play in Squads. The game already struggles with a massive network delay and it's no real option to just use the EU servers when you want to play Solo/Duo from the US.

  • We simply demand the Solo/Duo option back.
  • We take longer queue times into account but should not be forced to play the game in squad mode or with unacceptable ping.

Please support us by filling out the petition. So we can try and convince the developers that they do more harm than good by disabling these two modes.

When you don't want to fill out anything. Sharing it to your friends is also helping a lot!