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Justice For Bear!!

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To whom it may concern,

On Tuesday September 20, 2016 Jaxson and Megan arrived at Angel Ivey’s apartment, address of (removed), after receiving a text message from Angel Ivey via phone number (removed) stating that she wanted us to check her dogs wound to make sure it was not infected. She states “ I mean its not bad bleeding its just wars being picked up on bandage.” She states “Not dripping its just like if we fall and get a gash like that but ion have vet money right now so can yall just come check it out please.” Upon arrival Jaxson and Megan (fosters for our rescue) were invited into Angel Ivey’s apartment, where they immediately smelled something that smelt like a dead dog. A black and white bully breed male dog was brought to them wearing a diaper on it’s neck. Angel Ivy told them, that they had the puppy since he was 3 months old, and this happened, because she tied him out and he got stuck for a day, but had not checked on him in 4 days. Immediately upon seeing the wound, they called me ( Toni King ), owner of Bully4You Rescue & Rehabilitation. Jaxson called me around 3:30 p.m. explained to me that the dog was in bad shape, and needed to be checked out immediately and asked if I would speak to Angel Ivey. I spoke to Angel Ivey on the phone, she told me the same story, about having him since he was 3 months old, and this happened because she tied him out and had not checked on him in 4 days. She then told me she could not get approved for care credit, and had no money for a vet, and then told me she was pouring peroxide on the wound for 4 days. (I immediately noticed the difference in stories.) She then expressed that she did not want to give the dog up, because she wanted to breed him with her female dog. I explained to her, that if the wound was as bad as my foster, Jaxson, had expressed to me via the phone, that this dog would need immediate vet care. That if she would allow our fosters to take the dog, we could bring the dog to our rescue, and assess the situation, and get him the care he needed. She expressed that she would want him back, but she did not want us vetting him to be neutered. She also expressed that she did not want to have to pay the vet care for his neck would but would pay an adoption fee to adopt him back as long as he was not neutered. I told her, that I was not discussing those matters with her, our concern was the well being of this animal. The phone was then handed back to my foster, Jaxson, who she agreed to let take the dog. Angel Ivey’s boyfriend or husband ( we are not sure of which ) then carried the dog to my foster’s car and placed him in the back of the car, where he peed himself from being handled by the man. Around 4:30 p.m. Jaxson and Megan arrived at my house, with Bear, the dog with the neck wound. We immediately assessed the situation, and began cleaning Bear’s wounds. The smell was unbearable. We took pictures during this entire step. We then sent the pictures to our vet, who then called me, and set up an appointment for the next morning for immediate surgery. After we cleaned his wounds, and wrapped him, we called Augusta Animal Control, to file a complaint and were told “ they could go look at the other dog on the property, but could do nothing about the dog we took, because it was technically an owner surrender.” At this time, it was not an owner surrender. We then called Aiken County Animal Control, where officer Cooper, came out, took pictures of Bear, and called Angel Ivey. He expressed to her the severity of the wounds, she then told him that she “found the dog 3 days ago.” After going back and forth with her, she agreed we could keep the dog, because she did not have the money to treat his wounds. On Wednesday, September 21, 2016, I, ( Toni King ), took Bear to the vet, arrival at 7:30. Doctor Bagshaw arrived around 7:45 and we took Bear inside. Doctor Bagshaw, sedated Bear and began surgery. It took roughly 3 hours, and over 100 stitches, to repair the damage done. Doctor Bagshaw, and myself, both came to the agreement, this was not a new wound, that this was an older wound. That it had been this way for a while. During surgery, I took pictures and videos of how Bear’s neck was being repaired. The surgery for Bear’s repair alone was over 1,000.00. He is now on antibiotics and constant care, and watch, to make sure he does not do any damage to his neck while he is healing. We have called and called Augusta Animal Control, and they have not agreed to press charges (7067906836). We have also had Bear’s story aired on Fox 54 news of Augusta. Still nothing is being done. After the story was aired, we have managed to contact the apartment manager, who has given us proof that Bear was indeed, their dog. She said “they were told on August 1st, they could not have dogs on the property.” She also sent us a picture of Angel Ivey’s partner with the dog, picture taken on August 6th, 2016. The apartment manager, has agreed, that she will cooperate and do anything she needs to do, to see that they are charged for the abuse done to Bear. (Office number removed for privacy). Augusta Animal Control has been made aware of all the proof, all the details, everything, and still will not do anything.

 We are demanding justice for Bear, we will not let this go, we will not stop fighting for justice for bear. We ask that you do not stop either. Bear’s vet bill will continue to climb, he will need months of healing, and he will be left with an unbelievable and unnecessary scar for the remainder of his life. We are not sure if his bark will return to normal either, yes it has too been affected by this abuse.

This is an open and shut case, we have the proof of ownership, we have the proof of neglect, and abuse, and we have people willing to stand up and fight to see something be done about this. We are DEMANDING justice for Bear! We want charges pressed against Angel Ivey and her partner. 



Toni King

Owner of Bully4You Rescue & Rehabilitation Inc.


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