Reinstate the 312 (Onehunga-Civic Centre-Oranga) bus route.

Reinstate the 312 (Onehunga-Civic Centre-Oranga) bus route.

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Please reinstate the 312 (Onehunga – Civic Centre via Oranga) bus route to provide a vital connection to the city for the communities of Onehunga, Oranga, Royal Oak, One Tree Hill and Greenlane. #SAVETHE312

Why is this important?

Auckland Transport (AT) cut this bus route in July 2018, following consultation with local communities that took place in 2016. Although AT has introduced new services, including the 295, 298 and 70 routes, the change has made it difficult for many in these communities to use public transport to get to work, school etc.

These difficulties include:

  • Significantly increased travel times which is cutting into family time and disrupting people’s quality of life.
  • Increased costs due to longer journeys and having to switch buses/trains.
  • Longer wait periods between buses.
  • Increased inaccessibility of Auckland City as bus stops are now further away from people’s homes.

Public transport must be affordable and accessible. Those who choose to use it should be able to spend less time and money commuting to work, their hobbies and home. Unfortunately, cutting 312 and replacing it with more complicated and expensive bus options makes life much more difficult for our communities, and not easier.

The 312 bus route is iconic

The 312 bus route is also a significant cultural symbol in the area. This isn't just a bus route, it is a lifeline for families to connect and for parents to get to work with ease without the extra early wake ups or missing out on precious time with their families before and after work. For many generations, Onehunga is recognized as “The 312” and the number is used by local businesses and organizations including the 312 Hub and most prominently championed by award-winning rap group SWIDT to express their pride for their local area.

How the petition will be delivered

We will present this petition to Auckland Transport at 3.12pm on the 3rd of Dec (3/12) 2018.

There is no other direct route for many of our local communities to get to the city. In addition, the 312 bus route holds iconic importance to the community’s identity. We are calling on Auckland Transport to reinstate the 312 bus route.

 Please sign this petition and add your voice to this important community cause.

 Organised by the 312 Hub, SWIDT and supported by Priyanca Radhakrishnan, Labour List MP based in Maungakiekie and Josephine Bartley, Councillor for the Maungakiekie-Tamaki Ward.