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Bobby Petrino Should Not Be Considered for Auburn Head Coach

Many Auburn alumni are growing weary of and deeply concerned about the local and national media's aggressive pursuit to force upon us the idea of Bobby Petrino coming to Auburn as our next head football coach. We stand firmly against our President or our Board giving any consideration to handing over our beloved football program to an individual whose poor decisions evidenced a complete disregard for the well being of his players and the reputation and best interest of the University he most recently represented.

We believe that Auburn is different from other schools and other programs and we want it to stay that way. We care about the character of our coaches and are not willing to compromise what we value to win a few more football games. We want to see Auburn excel on the field, but we care deeply about the influence our coaches have over the young men who sign up to be Auburn Tigers. While we acknowledge Bobby Petrino's coaching abilities, he simply doesn't meet the Litmus Test of an Auburn man.

As graduates of Auburn University, season ticket holders, students, and members of the Auburn Family, we have been and want to continue to be proud of the coaches who represent us, win or lose. Bobby Petrino is not a coach we can be proud of, regardless of his success on the field. If a change in our coaching staff should be made at the end of the season, we ask that our voices be heard. Hiring Bobby Petrino is not right for Auburn. We deserve better.

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