Lower Our Lake Fees!

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Good day,

My name is Katie and I'm starting this petition because Auburn Bay lake fees are out of control. I own my property and I feel as though a few others will agree with the statements made below.

Our Auburn Bay Lake Fees are so high (with prices rising every year!). With fees rising every year, there are a few things missing from a residents point-of-view, these things include:

  • More equipment (paddle boards...etc)
  • Equipment accessible for all (not just auburn bay card holders)
  • More grass than beach to lay on
  • Limited Parking
  • Customer Service

Auburn Bay struggles with having enough equipment for everyone, which is probably why only Auburn Bay card holders are allowed to rent out paddle boards, paddle boats...etc. This becomes inconvenient when friends or family are visit from out of town. Giving my paddle board to a friend to try, is absolutely not allowed, and those life guards will hunt you down! Last Summer my friend and I shared a paddle board all Summer, and it was fun, however we wanted to not sit on our boards and actually try standing in the middle, like you're supposed to.

The beach is constantly crowded due to the limited amount of sand/beach space compared to grass areas. If you don't show up when it opens or at an earlier time, good luck getting a spot on the sand! I'm allergic to grass (especially cut grass) and I break out into razor burn like rashes when sitting on it; I have no choice when there's no room on the sand.

Don't get me started on the Parking situation. There is barely any parking on a nice hot day, not all of us are located across the street from the lake. There were a few times last year where I gave up and drove home or parked 2 blocks away in order to enjoy the beach.

So my question is....If our fees are higher than MAHOGANY (which has 2 beaches), how come we are getting the crappy end of the stick? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the beach! I just wish the fees weren't impossible to afford at times.

The customer service in terms of my requests:
I can't afford the fee in one lump sum, so I Kindly asked if payments are able to be made (which I did last year), the girl at the desk said for sure! I even spoke with Marilyn and she made payments easy for me and explained the process.

When I called in today (April 27th, 2018), the girl at the desk informed me that I would need to get the new cards in order to go to the beach after may long weekend which is fine, however she also mentioned to me that because eu'm on a payment play, I won't be able to use the beach until the payments are made in full!

Tomorrow is a beautiful 26 degree day and I'm able to go tomorrow, however the lake is closed due to the ice. I guess I'm having trouble understanding, if the fees will be paid regardless, why am I not entitled to the lake as a resident?

Today the fees stand at:

Annual Fees for 2018/19 are:
Standard – $474.85 (including GST)
Lake Access – $652.95 (including GST)
Lake Shore – $949.65  (including GST)
*Annual Fees are subject to annual compounded inflation increases and GST.

These fees are higher than Mahogany (which is viewed as the "richer" neighbourhood out of the two) and more than double compared to McKenzie Lake!


Auburn Bay:                     Mahogany:                                    McKenzie Lake
Standard:                         Standard (condo size):                 Standard:
$474.85                             $350                                               $260.50

I contacted both Mahogany as well as Mckenzie Lake to get these prices. Mahogany has a different price per size of home I believe (the receptionist mentioned that the $350 fee is for a condo type home for owners).