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Keep Kelly incarcerated! Justice for Justin

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My name is Tali. I'm petitioning to keep Kelly Savage in prison. I keep seeing these stories about her husband Mark Savage abusing her & her children. Though her family WAS extremely abusive to her, especially her brothers, Mark Savage was probably the ONLY person who didn't abuse her. Actually SHE abused HIM & her children.

I am not the only one who witnessed her abuse her son Justin. I kick myself everyday for not calling social services on her because I could've saved that sweet boys life. Kelly Savage is soley responsible for Justin's death... & Mark is responsible for watching/letting it happen.
I testified at the trial. I witnessed their living conditions when I went to the apartment after their arrest & when they lived next door to me. I knew both families quite well at the time since I was both their neighbors & I'm absolutely appalled at even the notion Kelly may be released!
She killed her son because he was the product of incest, & she thourghly abused him prior, she had the opportunity to place him in a safe environment & she alone chose not to... there are hospital records for his injuries & witnesses to how she treated her children & Mark.
If your going to help ANYONE in this situation get out because of domestic abuse, it should be Mark Savage. He was working 12 hour shifts coming home to be abused & drank into an addiction to live through it. Due to the stigma regarding abuse towards men, this wasn't even addressed at at the time, let alone acknowledged.
Shame on the people who are trying to free Kelly for not fully researching this story! No one has reached out to Mark's sister, who had them living with her & begged to take the children. No one called any of the Savage family. & no one called me, an unrelated person who was witness to it ALL, even though my name is in the court records.
The thought that an abuser could get out of a life sentence because they are claiming to be abused is heinous & deplorable & as a survivor of domestic violence myself, it sickens me even more. I am very happy Kelly is doing so much good behind bars... OBVIOUSLY that's where God wants her. I testified to save their lives & now I'm petitioning (testifying) to keep Kelly locked up!
Please, if your a group that helps people wrongfully accused, research the story completely before going forward! Please sign this petition to keep a woman who starved, abused & neglected her child until it killed him locked up!

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