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Innocent Man's Case Deserves A Second Look

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Jeffery Dawkins is an innocent inmate in a Pennsylvania State Prison at 1000 Follies Road, Dallas, Pennsylvania 18612.

Quick Question, Can INNOCENCE Be Considered Irrelevant?

As you read my brief story, can you ask yourself if justice is being served by our Judicial System when it criminally tries and convicts individuals while knowing of their INNOCENCE, while prosecutors are not held accountable for their illegal misconduct at individuals trials, and appellate proceedings, and while the courts are intentionally denying fair trials to other. I simply ask that you please bare with me as I tell you how this system took advantage of my youth, and sentenced me to a LIFE SENTENCE for a crime that I’m COMPLETELY 1000% INNOCENT OF.

STOLEN INNOCENCE: Written by: Jeffrey Dawkins 

Innocent until proven guilty barely holds any weight when it comes down to this Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Right now in my Life, I find myself on this journey to not only prove my Innocence, but to also expose the corruption caused by my opponent named “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania” who’s whole purpose is bent on crushing the life out of me, which I will in no way allow. So with that being said, please allow me a moment of your time to tell you about it. At age 31 years old, I am presently serving a Life Sentence without the Possibility of Parole. With a very very extreme sense of urgency, I am reaching out to you and the whole world seeking any form of assistance from anyone willing to aid me in defending myself against this corrupt, unbalanced Justice System that simply desires to choke all the life out of me before I even have a opportunity to live. Before I even start to take a dive into my journey, please allow me to express that I can only imagine the volume of stories you have read or even heard about that ring that familiar bell of innocence. However, with my life literally being on the line. I’ve prepared myself to prove to you and anyone else that I am INNOCENT of the crime that I’ve been convicted of. I proclaim this struggle I’m going through to any and everyone in desperation that I catch the eye of anyone, and show them that I’m not guilty and it can and will be proven. My prayers are that after reading about my journey you will be touched enough to want to give my situation a closer look. It’s a old saying that America seemingly has the best Judicial System in the free world, but PLEASE DON’T BE FOOLED!! It also has it’s own set of flaws. The contradictions between theory and practice are glaring, so I simply ask that you please bare with me as I tell you about Jeffrey Dawkins. 


The year is 2004, I’m 18 years old, fresh out of High School and being given what is called “Miranda Warnings” You get these when your about to be arrested by police. It’s a United States Supreme Court case that everyone should become familiar with before an officer is saying it to you. I found myself in this crazy situation after a shooting took place in a crowded nightclub. When a person hears gunshots, what’s the natural reaction?STOP, DROP, RUN, I did all of that . . 

It was October 8, 2004 when Philadelphia Homicide Detectives kicked in my mother’s door and arrested me for a crime that they knew I did not commit. Subsequently, an Assistance District Attorney who also knew I was innocent of this crime prosecution me. Believe me, I know these are some bold accusations, but please understand, I was wrongfully arrested, prosecuted, and convicted of this crime. Our so-called Commonwealth Justice System who is suppose to be the Vanguards of Justice, used whatever shrewd tactics available to undermine the judicial process and convict an innocent kid. Now this is where it gets interesting. 

I knew absolutely nothing, so there was nothing for me to say. I languished in prison until March 8, 2004 when after seven preliminary hearings attempting to connect me to this crime and producing absolutely nothing, and the District Attorney failure to meet the “Must Be Tried Order” issued by the Honorable Judge Benjamin Learner of Courtroom 306, located at the Criminal Justice Center @ 1301 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107, “DISMISSED ALL CHARGES” without prejudice due to lack of evidence, and I was allowed to return home to my family and most of all my new born son. 

Can You Imagine My Joy? 

Now please try your best to imagine my Horror because on July 25, 2005, five months after I was released, Philadelphia Homicide Detectives issued a Re-Arrest Warrant for me. So I gathered my Lawyer Staff, Family, and close friends and stepped in the same courtroom that I was released from, this time I was turning myself in to once again become a man who is truly INNOCENT but putting back on guilty clothing. 

“Only an innocent man would voluntarily return to prison to fight for his innocence, against a LlFE SENTENCE and for exoneration— that courageous man is Mr.Jeffrey Dawkins" 

So lets fast forward just a tab bit. Now here I was again in a cold scary courtroom again literally fighting for my life, without ever seeing any signatures of the grand jury on any bill of indictment. At my preliminary hearing scheduled {6) six days after my re-arrest, I stared into the face of my accuser and emphatically did not know him at all. The only witness WOW from a known Nightclub in Philadelphia that clearly held over 100 people at the time. I mean, why should I recognize him in a crowded nightclub when I’m out enjoying myself? I mean, why after (7) seven court hearings did this alleged witness come forward and falsely accuse me? Did I run him over while trying to get away from the gun fire? These questions run through my head everyday for the past 11 years, What did I do for him to lie and say he witnessed me take someones precious life over basically a $2 dollar drink? WHY ME? That, I cannot answer. Without any evidence linking me in anyway to this crime or anything corroborating this egregious liar alleged version of events, his statement alone was given enough weight to have me held over for trial. 

Now here I was sitting in the County Prison with a Inmate Number 947739, this was my name for (16) months until (Trial) December 11, 2006, which was one of the most stressful days of my life. My family and friends knew I was innocent, but the reality is I was up against a system that is well known for putting kids away for a lifetime without a care in the world. In the beginning I was sick as a dog with fear, I couldn’t come to grips with what was happening to me, and my body was physically showing it. However as the trial moved on I became more and more encouraged as the utter foolishness of the state case against me was manifested to the jury. 

The Commonwealth only produced (4) witness from a nightclub that held over (100) people. At trial, (3) three of the witnesses did not testify as was expected and the prosecution asked the court that these witnesses be treated as "Hostile Witnesses” which means they will testify to the truth and not what the detectives prepared for them. Now let’s break them down. 

The First (1) “Alleged” witness to the stand was who … The same man who I never seen before in my life, the same man who had me re-arrested. What did he do? This kid who realized what he did in the past at my preliminary hearing was wrong, so he decided to get on the stand and plead the Fifth WOW, this coward who lied on me and took my life away from my family mainly my new born son was now actually asserting a right not to be a witness against himself!! This was my accuser!! What kind of witness could he be against himself, if he was telling the truth? He was lying and hiding something and I was praying the jury saw it, I couldn’t have been happier. IT GOT BETTER. 

The Second (2) “Alleged” witness would not adopt his statement. That means he wouldn’t repeat it in court. In fact, he recanted it. To recant a statement means to renounce it, reject it. He went even further and asserted that it was the coercive tactics of the detectives during the interrogation that made him feel that he had to sign whatever they put in front of him out of fear that they would charge him with a crime. The Third (3} “Alleged” witness testified that he was under the influence of narcotics when he gave the statement and couldn’t recall any of it. 

The last “Alleged” witness was the victim brother, he stated that he seen his brothers murdered in that nightclub, and testified under oath that me and my co-defendant took part in this madness. {Also since my trial the victim brother along with witnesses #2 & #3 has come forward and gave my lawyer a written statement basically saying how the police set the case up and told them what to say and what not to say. They all also testified to these facts on March 9th, 10th, and 11th and I will elaborate on this also}. 

Believe me, I know you’re asking yourself, why were they being questioned in the first place? Other then the victim brother, each one was already in custody for criminal offenses and the detectives took advantage of there youth and scared these kids to death literally, saying they will be charged with murder if they do not agree to go with there story, and used there situation to coerce them. WHY ME? That I cannot answer, and not because I’m pleading the fifth (like my accuser) I really don’t know why. Please know that absolutely no one testified at my trial that they witnessed me shooting or participating in this crime. So now that you know contradictory statements were heard, please also know that there was no Gun, or forensic evidence linking me to the crime, we never even knew that there was bloody clothing discovered at the scene, was never tested, surveillance video was never recovered, it may have recorded the entire incident, the owner of the club was never interviewed about it, not even his security, who is he?, or why the club scene investigator’s and the on scene officer’s testimony was so poorly done. 

On December 18, 2006 my case went to the jury. Now, in life we all have a civic duty to answer when called to jury duty but I won’t get that opportunity because that same jury returned a Guilty of First Degree Murder verdict, and I was immediately on the spot sentenced to life in prison. Now world please understand that a life Sentence in the State of Pennsylvania means, literally, until death do you part from prison {like marriage vows}. I felt like I was watching a movie, everything was in slow motion. It was so surreal. 

What happened in my case is not justice, it is not law, it is not fair and it isn’t right!! The State of Pennsylvania railroaded me, they failed to meet any burden of proof and my trial judge abused her discretion by allowing such a verdict to stand. I’m not notoriously known anywhere in Philadelphia, and I can’t begin to fathom why I was selected. I’m now known by this system as Inmate #GX0748, I been sitting here at SCI @ Dallas for 10 years now for a crime that I know nothing of. I’m now 31 years old a High School Graduate with no prior criminal record at all, and just one night on Philadelphia’s crime soaked streets has put a hold on my dreams and goals for life. Right now I’m alone doing everything myself. I’m blessed to have the help of my Mother and loving carbon copy son Jaylen l. Dawkins who is now 2 years old. Together we are doing all we can to bring justice to the light, but we are fighting against the resources of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and we have all but completely exhausted. Question? Would you fight Iron Mike Tyson when he was at his best? People would be hard pressed to fight him now, but I only draw this analogy to describe my fight against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Me and my family have exhausted our limited finances in this battle, but trust me when I say, running out of gas means nothing to an opponent bent on crushing the life out of you. 

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania however, I was set-up and convicted of a murder that I did not commit. I feel deeply sadden for the victim and his family, but please understand that I’m 1000% INNOCENT, along with the fact that my family is being hit hard by this matter. I ask you to please ponder something. Many. people in the General public assume that if an individual has had a trial and is found guilty, that he or she must be guilty, however reality shows and proves that some people have sat on Death Row for half of their lives, only to later be cleared by DNA evidence, or a witness finally admits that they lied decades later, CNN and the USA Today newspaper have run countless stories of innocent men and women who were wrongly convicted and sentenced to LIFE in prison. 

Now I  will like to give all my supporters a quick update on the case. 

On March 9th, 10th, and 11th of 2015 Judge Sarmina decided to hear my case, I presented (4) four witnesses along with the fact that I was seeking information on some evidence that can literally free me. Now let’s start with the witnesses. The First one to the stand on March 9th 2015 was a mall who made a statement against me, then he never showed up to trial which left me like WHY? Well after reading my SEEKING HELP FLYER on line he reached out to my family and told them that he needs to tell the truth. He testified at the hearing that he never witnessed me or my co-defendant Jason Perez com mitt any crime at all. He went on to testify under oath that it was the Homicide Detectives that beat him and informed him that they will plant drugs on him if he didn’t sign the statement. (For legal matters I can not mention any names). 

The Second to the stand on March 9th, 2015 was the key to the case and I think GOD everyday for presenting me with this evidence, was the Victim Brother and he informed the courts that he lied at our trial and it was killing him. He stated that he was taking the blame for his brother death by family and friends so he went along with the detectives stories. He stated that the first time he ever seen us face to face was at our trial and that before that he never seen us before in his life. He went on and on about how the detectives manipulated him into getting us involved with this crime. I was literally in tears finally sitting in front of this man while he told the truth. I mean this is the victim brother, and he was helping me prove my innocence. 

The Third witness testified on March 10th, 2015, he stated in court under oath that he ACTUALLY SEEN WHO COMMITTED THIS MURDER! and it wasn’t me or Jason Perez. He also stated that the detectives made him sign the statement that they made up, and that if he didn’t they will charge him with murder, and truth is he was a kid and he was scared to death. He went on further to describe the person who he witnessed murder the victim and how he did it. 

The Last witness to the stand went on June 11, 2015 and he was informed about the case after (Once again) detectives kicked in his mother door in search for him. He was not present, then after informed of this, he went to the Homicide building asking why? He was interviewed then told that they will be charging him with Murder, if he do not sign the statement that they prepared for him. He went on to state that he was in the Neighborhood barbershop when he came across a flyer with me and my co-defendant Jason Perez picture on it, seeking help. He went on to call the number on the flyer and meet with my investigator to tell the truth FINALLY. At the hearing he stated the foul play by the detectives in the case, along with the threats, and he stated that on the night of the murder there is no way I could of committed this murder because he had eyes on me at the other side of the club when the shots went off. 

Lastly, also on June 11th, 2015 still in court fighting for my life, Judge Sarmina granted me a chain of custody hearing, to find out where is this shirt that was submitted for DNA testing that can free me Jeffrey Dawkins & Jason Perez. Now on the night of the Murder the Victim Brother who testified in my favor under oath on March 9th 2015 that whoever had something to do with the crime Bit him in his chest badly so during his interview detectives took his shirt for DNA comparison and took pictures of his • shirt. Now all of a sudden this evidence that can free Dawkins & Perez somehow came up missing. Are you kidding me!! You mean to tell me that this evidence can show someone else other then me or Perez was involved in this crime and all of a sudden you can’t find it, when there is a paper trail that shows in black and white that you retrieved this evidence. 

Listen, whoever is reading this I need you to understand that I hate this so-called Justice System, I’ve never hated anything in my life other then the witnesses that lied on me, and truth is after my hearing that I had this year I no longer hate them witnesses. Why, because after seeing the way this system workers I realize that after considering the circumstances of these kids at the time, I clearly see how them foul detectives took advantage of their youth and used this situation as a career builder, allowing me to understand that these young men didn’t mean me any harm they were just simply scared to death, and them predators prayed on them, while full aware of what they were doing. 

Truth is absolutely nobody in this world can understand the way I feel after being incarcerated for a crime that I had nothing to do with, I will literally die in prison if I don’t prove my innocence. I have a son who is my world and he is suffering also because his father is not there, and I will admit that everyday when I hear my boy voice I feel in someway like a failure because I’m not there, WHY, because of this system that took me away when he was four months old and is now going on 12. I will not stop until I am home, and I will expose this system!! 

I need the Public outcry!! I need letters on line snail mail, posted or however you’re moved to do so, but I need civilized noise!! The events that took place leading up to this hearing I received along with the testimony of these witnesses is literally mind blowing. I know I’ve asked you to read a lot, but I beg you to read further. I know I’ve asked you to do a lot, but I beg you to do more (The Battle isn’t over) As I said at the top of this letter, it’s a old saying that “America seemingly has the best judicial system in the free world, but please don’t be fooled, it also has it’s own set of flaws” One of the many flaws is that it’s Judicial System will give open ears to lying lips and deceitful tongues when they’re prosecuting you, but then will turn around and turn deaf ear to those same lips and tongues when the truth finally rolls from them. 

Trust me when I say that is only part of my story, and presently I am on appeal awaiting a decision (Please keep me in your Prayers) Still I am BEGGING for your help and I am crying out to the world for any assistance for which, you may deem me worthy, be it legal research, detectives work, letter-writing, copies, phone calls, or just moral support. I have all my paperwork and I am willing to share everything with anyone. If you cannot help, please direct me to someone you think can and will. I will end my story with hope and prayers that I hear from you soon. Someone once said to me that the best of us in faith is one who sees injustice and changes it with his own hands, if he cannot change it with his own hands, he speaks out against it, if he cannot speak out against it, he at least despises it in his heart. Thank you for reading my story, and may God bless you and all that you hold dear. 

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