Justice for Ramsey Orta--Stop the harassment.

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We the undersigned demand that the harassment of Ramsey Orta in prison should be stopped. The murder of Eric Garner and Ramsey Orta’s videotaping of that murder was one of the events that began the current worldwide awareness of police brutality and murder of people of color in the United States of America. After he made sure the murder of his friend Eric went public, he appeared at the site of the murder regularly protesting it. The New York City Government and their Police Department’s response to his heroic stand was to get revenge by targeting him repeatedly with various charges. Many charges were dismissed but two led to Ramsey’s imprisonment. He is now serving time until July 2020. During his imprisonment, he has been in seven different prisons, most of them far from New York City. Ramsey has been given so many small violations that he has been put into solitary at least five times and lost his privileges many times. After Ramsey Orta testified over video from prison, he was put into solitary. He was then moved to Collins Correctional Facility where he will be in solitary for several months. Collins is even farther away near Buffalo, NY. No one deserves solitary or to be that far from the protective support of family and friends.

This harassment must stop. We appeal to you to get involved in protecting Ramsey Orta who dared to expose police brutality.