Mandatory Life Sentences for Pedophiles

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  As a victim of sex abuse as a child, living with the shame, secrecy and mental health issues stemming from the abuse, it was only exacerbated by the long and drawn out court case and the less then adequate sentencing of the perpetrator. 

  Seeing the continued lackluster sentencing on not only first time offenders but repeat offenders, impacts deeply both physically and mentally and thus causing more trauma to the already suffering victims.

  I nearly didn't survive the aftermath of my court case and ensuing PTSD and Depression.

  I don't want to see any child have to suffer at the hands of the predators out there let alone the lenient sentencing handed down for such a heinous crime of Child Abuse in any form. 

  I'm standing as a voice for those that are to afraid to speak out, who have been poorly treated and let down by the Legal System and to show the Australian Government and all Abusers out there that we will no longer tolerate leniency to child predators.