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Save Paws N Claws

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Paws N Claws in Attica IN is in a state of uncertainty as they can not get the city council to approve an increase in funding. If this increase does not happen Paws N Claws may have to shut their doors leaving many many animals homeless or worse, put down. Former Councilman Dale Wilson II fought very hard to keep Paws N Claws funded over the years. Since his passing in 2016 the Council and his replacement have let his hard work fall. 

Please sign the petition and come to the meeting at Attica City Hall on Monday December 18th at 5:30pm


From the President of Paws N Claws:

I would like to clarify some facts regarding Paws n Claws and the city of Attica. I will be speaking at the Monday evening meeting at the city building, and I encourage anyone to come and ask questions, because it is a complicated issue. I would also like to say, prior to the meeting (before anyone “takes sides” ) that we realize facts get twisted and people like to put their own spin on these types of issues. No one wants to be the bad guy. First and foremost, yes we are asking for an increase in funding, and the council has turned us down. Second, we have since offered the council a compromise. We would take less of an increase, if we could stay in their building. Again, the council turned us down. Then lastly, we asked the council if we stayed at our current rate (which we told them we were willing to do) could we cut a few of the services we provide to help us cut cost?? Still allowing us to remain open. The council declined this offer as well. Our staff and our board members are all at a loss as to what else we could possibly do. We are disappointed that our efforts to do all we can to stay open are not recognized and ignored when city council representatives are questioned regarding the issue. Our board members are at city council meetings and the council has been given extensive information on the work we are doing, by me personally, at an earlier meeting this year. But it has been expressed to me that the public has been told we declined their contract and do not communicate. I really don’t know what could be farther from the truth. So please, come to the meeting Monday. All parties will be present and maybe we could get to a working solution that our animals will benefit from.
Thank you ,
Tracy Sudlow


Together we can save this amazing organization and ensure that fur babies will always be taken care of in Attica IN


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