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Replace Eve Saint Laurence of ADR S3 Top 3

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New Year, New Forum, New Top 3

It is a known fact Eve Not-So-Saint Laurence has achieved her Top 3 position on the Internet reality competion "ATRL's Drag Race Season 3" thanks to her connection with host chanal.

On Week 1, she didn't make any impression on a fashion challenge despite being self-proclamed a "fashion queen".
On Week 2, she got a High placement despite doing literally nothing. Lots of people has been eliminated for the same reason (The Corpulent Cuntess, Diamond de la Roux, Cybella Sabotage, Allure) but she got a free pass.
On Week 3, she presented the EXACT same entry she submitted in for another season. She had this type of behavior for two weeks in a row and despite of it, she wasn't eliminated.
On Week 4, she didn't submit the runway. That's the equivalent of not showing up to the main stage. Strike three and she didn't even was Bottom 2 for this episode.
On Week 5 and 6 she finally put all her effort, but she did mediocre. Around this weeks, her exit was a matter of time, but then...
On Week 7, despite presenting a late entry (after every single other entry was already published), she got the first joint win (a resource that would have been more useful on Week 5 or 6) with fellow (and superior) opponent Evita Kirchner, just because of storyline purposes and because chanal couldn't grant a win just to her enemy Kirchner, as stated by ADR Season 1 Winner and Legend Carrie Messiah. It would have destroyed Eve's heart (if she has any) if this episode win was for a non-fashion and enemy queen, so her mother gifted her this first underserving win.
On Week 8, she was arguably safe instead of frontrunners MoonChild and Kunty Clarkson, but her mother once again intervened creating a joint "High" placement just to push up her overall performance. Noticed how every single one of her fellow competitors named her as the queen who should go home next. And this wasn't strategic as she was the lowest-scoring participant in there at that point.
On Week 9, she sucked and not even her mother could saved her. But as her second lipsync she presented an entry made for another reality competition years ago and a Google Images search. Her oponent, frontrunner Kunty Clarkson, a queen with overall best performance than Eve at that point (despite all the rigging benefiting Saint Laurence), presented a live actual lipsync for her life.... and lost.
Then we have Week 10. Tangerine was the clear winner that week, without no runner up, but instead a simple "High", chanal granted Eve ANOTHER joint win just to improve her rankings. She also let her decide what theme she would make for the Ball, and ALSO Tangerine's theme, a choice that would ultimately harm her, even if she was the original winner of this challenge and deserved this benefit.
On Week 11, she wasn't just benefited as stated above... but she also won this challenge, without doing any single description of her entry. Rigged too much? On previous Weeks, her mother chanal would made out "Win" and "High" placements to improve her daughter's chart run, but this time arguably runner-up of this challenge, Pixel Dark, was just "safe". So Eve got an advantage of 2 and 4 points more than her Top 3 fellow competitors.

If this week to week explanation isn't enough, I don't know what is. Only a retarted person (and chanal, which arguably is the same) wouldn't see she isn't Top 3 material. Her competitors know it. The audience know it. Other judges know it (the fact they have to justify why she's still there on their critiques is also proof enough). Even Eve Saint Laurence herself must know she doesn't deserve that spot.

So this petition is to directly-eliminate her for her lack of CUNT and make a special episode to find the REAL Top 3 Queen, an episode in which more deserving people will fight their way up to the top (those are: Allure, Evita Kirchner, Kunty Clarkson, MoonChild and Nina Williams). It may sound crazy and pointless because chanal wouldn't want to do it, but WE are ADR audience/consumers and our voice should be heard too. We experienced and suffered every fucked up decision this host has made, now it's time for us to try to fix that. Join me and let's make HerStory together!

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