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Dress Code @ North Atlanta High School

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It was the first eight days of school, and already hundreds of girls have been dress coded, including myself. And for what specifically? Leggings. Shoulders. Ripped Jeans.

Last year I could walk into school and around the halls with the exact same outfit on and no one would say a word to me. This year all you see in the hallway is girls getting dress coded. NAHS is setting unclear rules and frankly ridiculous ones. 

Lets make one thing clear: I do NOT wear leggings to show off my butt, I wear them to be COMFORTABLE in a stressful and sometimes uncomfortable environment. It is not my intention to be a "distraction."The handbook states that "all students shall dress appropriately so as not to disrupt or interfere with the educational program or the orderly operation at school." The girls clothes are not the part that is disrupting operations in school, it is the administrator pulling them over in the halls, or out of class. When a girl gets dress coded every other girl in the school hears out about it and thats what creates the distraction. Reprimanding females for dress code gives the notion that they are responsible for prioritizing boys' focus in school. Our school system is so focused on boys education that they are willing to take females out of important classes and give them a disciplinary action for dress code. This disciplinary action (ISS) may be the same action given to those who start fights, skip, or bring drugs into school. The way the school system has set up these dress codes is disrespectful and unfair to females everywhere. Instead of shaming girls for their bodies and clothing, the school should be teaching boys that girls are not to be sexualized. 

A change needs to happen with North Atlanta's dress code. Girls need to be equally treated. If girls are getting dress coded for outfits that cover all their skin, then boys -who sag their pants or wear shorter shorts than girls- need to be dress coded too. If my mom doesn't see anything wrong with my outfit, than neither should the school. We, the girls of North Atlanta High School, want to be able to come to school in comfortable clothes and not be ridiculed. 


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