It's time to change Baker Street back into a two-way city street

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It’s time to change Baker Street back into a two-way street to make Downtown Atlanta safer for people.

Don't let the opponents of this common-sense project stand in the way of progress.

The Atlanta City Council Transportation Committee has to approve this project and you can bet those opposing the project will be at the next meeting.

Most people can't leave work in the middle of the day to attend a City Council meeting, so please share this petition so we can show the Council how the citizens of this city feel.

Make sure to post a comment to say why you want to see Baker Street change then share this petition with a friend!

One-way streets:

  • are confusing for drivers, which leads to more driving in circles and
  • more vehicle miles traveled
  • are higher-speed
  • encourage drivers to pay less attention to their surroundings -- including people walking and biking -- due to fewer cars turning
  • take longer for people walking to cross
  • aren't conducive to local businesses thriving

Two-way streets:

  • slow motor vehicle speeds
  • are safer for all modes of travel
  • support safe biking
  • encourage walking
  • are better organized than one-ways
  • support vibrant city life

Changing 6 blocks of Baker Street back to its former state as a regular two-way street has been in every downtown and City of Atlanta plan since 2003.

It will help bring the downtown street network up to date and back into sync with the City of Atlanta's transportation vision and goals.

It will benefit the downtown Atlanta community and the entire city.

It's time to stop planning and start doing.