Fire Clay Helton

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USC football cannot afford to be stagnant. As an established and prestigious program with a reputation and history to uphold, a 5-6 record, which includes losses to Arizona State, Cal, and a 2-8 UCLA, is unacceptable. The season has been marred by poor playcalling, an elementary offensive scheme, lack of fundamentals on both sides of the ball, lack of discipline as evidenced by numerous ill-timed unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, and a clear absence of will and desire on the part of the team. These problems have led to overall dysfunction that can only be blamed on our current leader, Head Coach Helton. This season must not be excused as a rebuilding year. USC regularly has a top 10 recruiting class regardless of the coach, and 2018 is no different. We have as much talent as almost any program in the country, and should always have goals of winning the PAC-12 and contending for a national championship. Thus, as fervent supporters of the USC football team, we urge you to relieve Clay Helton of his duties as head coach.