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Remove Stephanie Zvan from her role with the Atheist Voices of Minnesota

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We urge the Atheist Voices of Minnesota to remove Stephanie Zvan from her role as a leader and host with the Atheist Voices of Minnesota. We believe Zvan is unfit for this position for the following reasons:

1. She has engaged in bullying and harassment of people on her blog and elsewhere on the internet.

2. She has minimized bullying as a problem within the atheist and skeptic movement, and broader community.

3. She has used her current leadership position and blog as a tool to recruit other people in the harassment of people who disagree with her.

Stephanie Zvan often claims to be a vocal opponent of bullying and harassment. However, she publically supports and defends Greg Laden, a man who was thrown off her blog network (FreeThoughtBlogs) for sending violent threats to another blogger. At the same time, Zvan held a toast to Mr. Laden, and then attended a panel conference with him. For someone who shouts loudly in the community about bullying and harassment, we believe this behaviour is unacceptable.

Further, Zvan is part of a blog network which has a history of bullying and harassing people, especially women. Any woman who dares to disagree with Zvan's opinions will be labelled "chill girls", "gender traitors" or "sister punishers" by her or her commentators.

Zvan is a willing enabler of a loud community of fringe atheists and skeptics who resort to slurs, insults and lies about other members of the community who disagree with her.

Another online plan of harassment was launched by Zvan in late September with a petition to remove Justin Vacula from his new position with an secular organisation. The accusations stated by Zvan are a series of slurs based merely on their opinion and not on fact.

For the reasons listed above, we believe that Stephanie Zvan is unfit for her role with Atheist Voices of Minnesota. We urge Atheist Voices of Minnesota to consider her position and remove her as soon as possible.

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